Our Mission

To protect the human being in the digital economy by raising awareness, mobilizing and educating citizens on the different issues that threaten their quality of life and freedoms so that they can make informed choices.

Our Vision

Body regulating the evolution of democracy in the context of the digital economy, with regard to the fundamental right to be informed of all points of view leading to societal decisions.

Our Values

Connexion-U protects the integrity of the human being and its equality in law, defends its freedoms and its balance. See our Declaration on the essential being and its 8 principles.

Our Objectives

At a local level, Connexion-U will seek recommendations from various associations, professional and business groups in order to defend rights for the respect of the essence of human nature. From there, we will be better able to have our civil code revised.

On the international level, Connexion-U will seek to go to the United Nations with the objective that a Member country can convey its Declaration on the Essential Being, in the form of a resolution that will establish permanent vigilance over our humanity.

On an educational level, Connexion-U will ensure that our still blind fascination for artificial intelligence does not undermine our human intelligence as a driving force for our evolution.

Our Organization

CONNEXION-U has been founded by committed citizens who are concerned about the issues and impacts of artificial intelligence on society. The organization assures citizens of the fundamental right to be informed in order to enlighten all points of view and better respond to the major challenges of the transition to a digital world.

CONNEXION-U is a non-political organization.

CONNEXION-U is FOR open public debate and free informed choice.

CONNEXION-U structures citizen movements to protect human beings, democracy and freedoms.